MEmu Configuration

You will need to setup one or more configurations on MEmu before you can start botting. This includes settings MEmu's parameters, downloading the game, and setting up a google account.

You need MEmu installed on your PC for the bot to work. If you don't have MEmu, click here to download it (We recommend MEmu version 7).

Once you have MEmu downloaded on your computer, you need to setup MEmu configurations. Search for Multi-MEmu on your computer (may be on your Desktop if selected during install) and open it.

Adding Farm Accounts

  1. Open Multi-MEmu.

  2. Click the New button on the bottom right.

  3. Select Android 7.1 (or Anrdoid 5.1 if that is the only one available)

  4. Click the Settings button on the newly created instance.

  5. Copy the following settings (it is extremely important to copy the Display settings):

6. Click OK on the settings menu, and then click Start on the new MEmu configuration. 7. You will then need to download your desired game on the MEmu client (e.g.: open the play store and download Lords Mobile).

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