Download & Setup

Guide page for the initial setup, this includues both Downloading the application and first setup.

You need to have MEmu downloaded & setup before you can start botting. Please download MEmu if you do not have it.


This will download a .zip file. It is recommended to unzip it, before starting the bot.

You can download the bot either by clicking the following link or by going to the main page and clicking Click here to download.

Once downloaded and extracted, run MobileBots.Interface.exe (or MobileBots.Interface if extensions are hidden) and the main page will refresh, allowing you to create bot profiles.


If MEmu is not in the default location it will prompt you to select your MEmu.exe launcher, please do as instructed.

Once the MobileBots.Interface.exe file is running, you should see the main page refresh (or if it doesn't automatically, please refresh the page manually). The main page should then allow you to select/create bot profiles, like in the following picture (the console should have a similar output as well if everything is running correctly):

Create a new Profile by clicking Create new profile, and follow the simple instructions on the screen. This includes selecting the game you want to bot (e.g.: Lords Mobile), selecting the MEmu configs, and selecting a feature pre-set. This can all be seen in the following video:

If no MEmu accounts show up in the profile creation section please follow this link to see how to setup MEmu accounts.

Once a profile is created you can click the Start button in the profile, which will start the profile/bot.

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